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Established by a visionary in the 1970s, Partap Group today has dominating position among the leading garment manufacturers. This place is a result of the consistent attempts to understand and adequately match up to the demands of the market. The group has sophisticated refineries equipped with exceedingly advanced facilities to perform refining of edible oil. Every step of refining is conducted efficiently with the help of ultra modern machines for Degumming, Neutralization, Bleaching and Deodorization and Winterization.

It is this dedication to quality that has helped Partap conglomeration to earn the distinction of leading textile companies in India. Commitment to the ethical principle of business along with unblemished product range has blessed the group with a place of repute among the topmost Textile companies in India.

Strict quality control checks are performed within the premise of every business unit of the group and all the factories to ensure products that have zero defects and score high on industrial standards of quality. Among the prominent fabric manufacturers and Solvent Oil Manufacturers of the country one enterprise that has glorious position is Partap group and this prominence is a result of its quality centric policies and practices.